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Buddhism has been the national religion since the 15th Century. The Khmer Rouge sought to eradicate all religion; 90% of Buddhist monks and most Christians perished. Since 1979 there have been periods of more tolerance, and since 1990 Christians have been allowed to worship openly, but a few limitations on mission activity have been legislated as well.

POPULATION:  15,869,680  (2015)
POLITICAL PROFILE: A Ceremonial Monarchy

Since our first involvement in 1998, GCI has hosted numerous Church Leadership Development Seminars, distributed tons of rice to impoverished villages through local churches, provided iodized salt to help curb numerous health problems, sponsored the translation and distribution of several Christian books through Fount of Wisdom Publishing, provided capital improvements for the “White Lotus” ministry (Rescuing girls from prostitution), secured clothing, medications, and toys for an orphanage located on an island in the Mekong River, helped fund staff salaries and equipment for two Christian Schools, partnered with the Association of Christian Schools International to hosted the first-ever Christian Educator's Conference, and Initiated a medical ministry & Heart Surgery Center (expanded and now run by Jeremiah's Hope).

Currently we are taking specific steps to strengthen a meaningful partnership with Agape International Mission (AIM) – a group that is doing an outstanding job in rescuing children and young women from human traffickers, restoring them to a meaningful life back in the community, and introducing them to the saving message of the Gospel.

We are also working on specific plans to develop long-term, sustainable revenue sources to support ongoing ministry in country.  


A ceremonial monarchy. Powerful kingdoms from 1st to 14th Centuries. Thereafter for 500 years, a pawn in regional and global conflicts with Thai, Vietnamese, French, Japanese and US invasion, occupation or aggression. A tragic victim of the Vietnam War (1970-75), then of the extreme Marxist Khmer Rouge from 1975, when it endured one of the most savage slaughters in the 20th Century. Almost all former military personnel, civil servants, doctors, educated people and wealthy people and their families were killed, and the nation was turned into a vast labor camp. The Vietnamese army ousted the Khmer Rouge in 1979, but civil war among four contending armies raged with superpower support until 1991. Internationally-initiated democracy arrived in 1993. Since then, the same prime minister has remained in power as elected leader. Corruption is rife and profoundly affects political life.
Key Objective:
Promoting unity in the Christian Community, and elevating the reputation of the church among community, government and business leaders in order to effectively share the saving message of Jesus Christ whenever and where ever possible.


One of the world’s poorest cuntries and heavily dependent on foreign aid. Years of war and genocide followed by venal and corrupt governments have hindered development and kept most of the population poor; 38% live below the poverty line. Significant progress is being made in economic development, but the rural poor are being left behind. Agriculture, garments and tourism are the biggest earners, with offshore oil/gas deposits promising future income. Illegal logging and the sex trade enriches a small number of wicked men, but causes suffering to many.

Public debt 34% of GDP.
Income/person $950 (2% of USA).