Our Mission

 is to EDUCATE and EMPOWER people around the world to #JoinTheFight
to END modern-day slavery and human trafficking.

and, here's how we're doing it:

#JoinTheFight Campaign
We will engage a multi-level Tactical Social Media & Email Campaign to mobilize an army of people willing to personally engage in the fight to end human trafficking, giving them tools to build awareness within their own communties across the nation...and around the world.
Community Watch
We are launching a Community Watch campaign to help deter/prevent pimps and traffickers from doing business in communities around the world by providing tools to help train individuals to recognize incidents of trafficking and to respond accordingly.
Human Trafficking Awareness/Prevention
We are developing a prevention and awareness campaign that will mobilize an army of people committed to the fight to end human trafficking in the USA...and around the world!

We are collaborating with local law enforcement, FBI, school teachers and administrators, students, parents, as well as human trafficking survivors in order to create the most impactful program - including credible data, detailing the dangers and warning signs of human trafficking!

We will expose over 20,000,000 people to the signs of human trafficking.  We believe that Awareness will lead to Prevention, which is the greatest tool we have to combat sexual exploitation - through pornography, prostitution and sexual slavery/servitude!  

We will mobilize an army of at least 25,000 dedicated fighters with tools necessary to engage personally in the fight to end modern-day slavery through a tactical social media and email campaign.

We are launching a Community Watch program to help deter/prevent pimps & traffickers from doing business in individual communities across the country.

Will you help us #JoinTheFight and become a #VoiceForTruth in your area of influence (neighborhood, school, community, workplace)
Mobile Display
We are designing a Mobile Display that will include powerful Educational Video Presenations, Photos & Artifacts designed to build awareness and encourage people to #JoinTheFight to end modern-day slavery.

This display will be used at large public events, including rodeos, fairs, professional sporting events, concerts, churches, schools, etc...

Legacy Projects
We are partnered with some very key organizations already engaged in the daily fight against human trafficking in Cambodia, Costa Rica, Ghana and Tanzania.  We will continue to engage in awareness and prevention projects, as well as provide care for the caregiver support to their staff members fighting in the trenches.